Lactalis Sustainability Seminar in Bourgbarré, France - January 29-30, 2014

Lactalis Sustainability Seminar, France 2014

The Lactalis Sustainability Seminar was a 2-day seminar which took place on January 29-30, 2014 in Bourgbarré, France.

Lactalis is a family-owned dairy group based in Laval (Mayenne), in the west of France.
In 1933, André Besnier started up his cheese-making company. On the first day he collected 17 litres of milk and produced 35 camemberts: the Besnier company was in business. Since then, the group, which adopted the more international name of Lactalis in 1999, has continued to expand rapidly. 
In 2012, the Lactalis Group reached a turnover of 15.7 billions of euros, and is world number 1 in dairy products, and number 1 milk collector in Europe.

Its range of products has grown considerably (cheese, milk, cream, butter, ultra-fresh, milk powder, etc. Lactalis now owns a series of prestigious French and international brands. 
The group employs 55,000 people, and owns more than 200 industrial plants around the world, in 35 different countries.

With focus on sustainability an annual appraisal of water and energy consumption is systematically carried out for all sites, which has so far recorded year-on-year improvements for all criteria. There has been considerable investment in purification during recent years. Efforts in this area have been rewarded by more than 20 sites being certified as conforming to ISO standard 14001- to be joined by others soon.

Participating in the Seminar from Lactalis was more than 45 European directors and plant managers.

Thank you very much to the organizing team from Lactalis - we look forward to a mutual beneficial and fruitful cooperation in the future.

Contact for more information:

Steen Michael Knudsen


+45 26 19 55 25

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