Anadolu EFES Supplier Summit 2015

InterPartner facilitated the Anadolu EFES Supplier Summit 2015 in Istanbul in order to bring selected industry specialists and suppliers to present and discuss innovative ideas and cutting edge brewery solutions with EFES.

Efes is the 6th largest European brewer and no. 11 in the world in terms of sales volume. Anadolu Efes has a total of 15 breweries consisting of 4 in Turkey, 6 in Russia, 2 in Kazakhstan and one in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, along with 6 malteries and 1 hop processing facility.


Organized by InterPartner the Anadolu EFES Supplier Summit 2015 was a unique opportunity for exchanging knowledge and generating ideas both between EFES people and together with specialists from world-leading technology providers. The Summit took place over two days and included expert presentations by 12 carefully selected suppliers. During the Summit one-on-one meetings between the EFES participants and the suppliers were arranged in order to allow further in-depth discussions between the two parties.

Thank you very much to the organizing team from EFES - we look forward to a mutual beneficial and fruitful cooperation in the future.

Contact for more information:

Steen Michael Knudsen


+45 26 19 55 25

Anadolu EFES Supplier Summit

Istanbul - September 8-9, 2015

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