Helping Danfoss in the F&B Industry

Danfoss is  one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy-efficient and innovative solutions for industrial and residential use.

Danfoss Drives is the division manufacturing AC drives – also known as adjustable frequency drives, variable speed drives or frequency converters.

For the industrial end-user AC drives will enhance process control, increase energy efficiency, decrease mechanical stress on motor control applications, and optimize the operation of various applications relying on electric motors.The electrical energy consumption can be heavily reduced within an F&B plant by using AC drives on all suitable applications in the utility, processing and conveying areas.

Since 1998 Danfoss Drives has worked together with InterPartner in order to expand their business all over the world. A push-pull marketing strategy has been applied, creating awareness and brand preference at the end-user, while at the same time working with leading OEM’s and system integrators.

In 2001 Danfoss Drives asked InterPartner to initiate and develop a strategic alliance of leading technology providers to F&B sectors, and the group “Beverage Forum” has been working as a co-marketing partnership ever since.

John Unbehaun

Global F&B Director

at Danfoss:

“Over the years InterPartner has

helped us get a better position and

'share of business' within global

key accounts such as, Carlsberg,

Coca Cola, Tsingtao and Danone.

Through InterPartner's unique Key Account Concept we got in touch with key decision makers that would have been quite difficult reaching on our own. Proving to be very cost-efficient we have joined more than 15 Supplier Summits organized by InterPartner”

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