Danone NORAM Technology Day -2015

Dannon NORAM

Technology Day

June 3, 2015

in Dallas Fort Worth, USA

Mario Chioino, Utilities and Services Director, North America.

The event took place on June 3, 2015 in Dallas Fort Worth, USA.

The overall objective of the Technology Day was to further improve sustainability and bring breakthrough ideas in the production process of Danone to the table. This was to be achieved by selecting and inviting key technology providers to the summit, and in a structured way evaluate new ideas and solutions for potential use at Danone plants. Bringing sustainable and innovative ideas to the table was crucial and therefore the participating suppliers were chosen based on what new solutions they would present. All solutions should include investments needed and potential savings.

ADI Energy
DeLaval Cleaning Solutions
Bosch Packaging
Gualapack Group
Ingersoll Rand
Opening of the Danone NORAM Technology Day
Tetra Pak

The Technology Day took place on June 3rd and included expert presentations by 11 carefully selected suppliers from the beverage Industry. After each presentation round, individual meetings between the Danone NORAM executives and the suppliers were arranged in order to allow further in-depth discussions between the companies.

Danone NORAM participated with 20+ Utilities & Services Directors, technical executives and managers from North America.

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