Danone NORAM

Mario Chioino, Utilities and Services Director, North America.

Danone NORAM has seven plants located in Portland, Utah, Fort Worth, Ohio, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Boucherville, Canada. Dannon NORAM employs 2,600 people and ranks 1st in terms of 2015 sales contribution. Danone recently took over WhiteWave Foods that employs another 4300 people at 16 plant locations across the US and Europe.

The overall objective of the Technology Day was to further improve sustainability and bring breakthrough ideas in the production process of Danone to the table. This was achieved by selecting and inviting key technology providers to the summit, and in a structured way evaluate new ideas and solutions for potential use at Danone plants.

From Danone NORAM 30+ delegates participated incl. functions such as Utilities & Services Directors, technical executives and plant managers from USA and Canada. 11 relevant suppliers was selected to join the seminar.

Danone NORAM Technology Day '17

February 22-23, 2017 in Park City, Utah

Opening the Danone NORAM Technology Day 2017
Opening the Danone NORAM Technology Day 2017
Tetra Pak presenting
GE Power
Utilities Performance/Elodys
Radical Waters
Arol-FT System
Thermal Energy

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