MeetingPoint BrewTech Europe, 2009

MeetingPoint BrewTech Europe, 2009

The 1st annual MeetingPoint BrewTech Europe was successfully held in Antwerp on November 24th, 2009.

At MeetingPoint BrewTech 2009, the participating 8 technology suppliers each had 5 individual 1-hour meetings with the 10 brewery key executives from five of the top-10 breweries in Europe.

Brewery key executives from the below breweries were participating in MeetingPoint BrewTech 2009:

MeetingPoint BrewTech is 1:1 meetings between brewery key executives and technology providers that have real interest in meeting each other and discuss business. Furthermore it is a unique opportunity to meet numerous brewery key executives in one location and in one day.


Before meeting the brewery key executives all confirmed a high interest in meeting with technology suppliers who are specialists within the brewing industry and who can offer improvements to various challenges such as carbon footprint, energy efficient technologies and display new innovations for the brewing process.

The event was rated by the participants to be a very time- and cost efficient way to meet key people not always reachable for a single company.

Furthermore the event was perceived as well organized and professionally carried out - the feedback from the brewery executives after each meeting was also considered to be very useful for follow-up.

See pictures from some of the individual meetings below and watch Steve Hall, Sales & Marketing Director of Danish Clean Water, comment on MeetingPoint BrewTech 2009.

MeetingPoint BrewTech 2009 was sponsored by:

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