Technical Seminar with CRB SNOW, 2010 Beijing

Technical Seminar with CRB SNOW

The Technical Seminar with CRB SNOW, was held in 2010 in Beijing.

CRB SNOW is the largest brewery company in China, and with a yearly output of more than 80 mill HL it is the 6th largest brewery group in the world. 

With the theme “Performance Improvement and Best Practice”, Beverage Forum member companies met with 25 top technical executives from CRB's breweries from all its regional administrations throughout China. During the day, CRB and Beverage Forum shared with each other the key issues in the brewery industry.

From Beverage Forum the 20 delegates represented Atlas Copco, Danisco, Danfoss, Grundfos, Purac, Union and Johnson Controls.

The seminar was opened by CRB's Technical Director. The general manager of technology gave a presentation CRB Group, focusing on the group's status quo and outlook for the future.

Presentation of CRB: status quo, outlook and challenges and BF delegates visiting CRB

CRB arranged a plant visit for Beverage Forum delegates in its Yanjiao plant. It was a good opportunity for Beverage Forum to see the actual production, and through conversations along the tour to understand the technical details at CRB.

Beverage Forum considers the seminar a good cornerstone for future cooperations with CRB. CRB SNOW considered the seminar a very useful eye-opening platform for the group's technical management to obtain the latest technologies' concept, application, cases from the world-leading companies.

Beverage Forum will continuously arrange seminars for knowledge exchange with leading breweries worldwide.  For further information about Beverage Forum and other projects please contact us.

Hans Peter Hviid  (CEO)

John Fu (Strategic Alliance Director)

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