Zhujiang technical seminar in Guangzhou - February 25, 2011

Zhujiang technical seminar

The Zhujiang Brewery technical in-house seminar was held on Feb. 25th in Guangzhou, China.

Zhujiang Brewery (Pearl River) - the leading brewery group in south-east China - is preparing construction of a new 15 mill HL brewery outside of Guangzhou so the timing was just perfect.

The technical seminar provided a direct dialogue between 8 technology companies and 70+ technical executives including the top management team from Zhujiang Brewery.

Technology providers from Beverage Forum contributed with presentations of specific new technologies and solutions in the morning and continued in the afternoon with individual discussions in smaller groups.

Presentation of Zhujiang                                                            Mrs Li Hupin, VPs Mr. Wang Zhi Bin and Mr. Luo Zhi

Thebrewery  industry is challenged by an increasing demand of high performance and cost-efficiency in order to stay competitive.

At the same time sustainability and environmental concern have become focus areas for all players in the value chain. This is a challenge for the brewery management teams as well as their suppliers of equipment and process technologies.

The participants agreed that the Zhujiang technical seminar was a valuable step to meet this challenge.

Beverage Forum will continuously arrange seminars for knowledge exchange with leading brewery groups worldwide.

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