Strategic partnerships are the key to your success. We help make those partnerships happen.


To move ahead, your company needs to hit certain targets, achieve specific goals. Maybe it’s increasing operation efficiencies, developing sustainability strategies, or some other key initiative: whatever it might be, you’ll find the answer in strategic technology partnerships. But finding a partner is just the first challenge. As a global company, you have a worldwide team that needs to agree on and implement any solution. And, there’s time. Solutions searches, consensus building, implementation … that could take years.


Or you could call InterPartner.


We facilitate strategic partnerships worldwide by developing a deep understanding of your company’s present and future challenges and then finding business partners who help you reach your goals faster and with greater results than if you were working alone.


“How do we improve operational efficiency in our 50 production plants, and at the same time reach our ambitious sustainability targets within next five years?”


Charged with this mission, InterPartner helped this global goods manufacturer achieve both goals simultaneously using our exclusive methodology:


Research. After creating a detailed briefing of our key client’s needs and challenges.

Search. We search the world for technology providers with innovative solutions that address our key client’s specific goals.

Pre-Qualify. Our stringent pre-qualification process ensures that participants in every Supplier Summit are best-in-class.

Organize Summit. We bring our key client’s entire team together with a range of pre-qualified, potential supplier partners for structured dialogues.

Follow up. The Summit lays the foundation for each key client’s new partnerships, but our work is not done. We are facilitators of results, not just meetings. As a result, we remain part of the team after the Summit, ensuring that all of the ideas shared at the Summit result in action.



“How do we increase our market share in China, reaching business revenues of €300 Mio within 3 years, while still maintaining our minimum profit rate of 10%?”


Sometimes a key client will come to us with a specific charge, like this one, which calls for another strategic approach:


Problem definition. First we define the basic question to be resolved and the overall objectives including success criteria.

Plan. Then we define the perspective and context of the key client’s challenge and identify the stakeholders and influencers.

Discovery. We carry out a series of top-level interviews with existing or potential customers of our client, in order to position our client company in relation to major competitors.

Strategy. Together with our client we evaluate the findings and pinpoint areas for improvement in services, products and people.

Implementation. We translate the strategy into an operational plan for focused marketing, including training the client teams for meeting the market challenges.

The InterPartner Match-making process