Cooperl Sustainability Summit 2019


Cooperl Sustainability Summit 2019

April 9, 2019 in Lamballe, France.

Cooperl Arc Atlantique is the leading French pig production cooperative with 2,700 members and 7,000 employees. Structured into divisions around pig production activity, Cooperl is in full control of the complete process, “from farm to fork”.


Cooperl is producing 6 million pigs per year, and with annual business revenues of € 2 billion, Cooperl group is the leading integrated pork producer in Europe.


The summit is designed to provide the Cooperl teams an overview of the breakthru technologies and innovations regarding to energy efficiency. The main objective is to find new potentials in the plants to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Expected for the incoming Energy Efficiency Summit 2019 are 25+ engineering and technical managers from every division and sites.



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Hans Peter Hviid

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