About Us


Helping internationally successful companies reach new summits through innovative approaches to operational efficiency, sustainability and breakthrough technology.

At InterPartner, we use our exclusive team-based approach to help corporations drive alignment and achieve results through our innovation and sustainability summits. Following our process; we have delivered more than 50 Summits with leading global corporations within the FMCG sector, connecting them to more than 300 strategic partners to help advance their most critical initiatives.

In 2020 we were excited to successfully launch our virtual summit solution with three of our global partners. Delivering the same great innovation and sustainability summits in these times of restricted travel.

To find out more about how InterPartner can help your business or if you are a vendor looking to develop its relationship further with its customers, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hans Peter Hviid

Founder & Senior Partner

Founding Partner and Chairman, Hans Peter brings more than 50 years of experince to InterPartner.

Steen Michael Knudsen

Director & Senior Partner

Steen is the Commercial lead within the business working closely with our expanding customer base. 

Matt Quelch

Director of Technology & Innovation / Partner

Matt is the technical lead within the business working with our customers to understand their innovation needs.

Carola Puusteli 

Board Member  /

Strategic Advisor

Carola joined the Board in
2017 and with her global network and commitment to sustainability she is a great addition to our team.