Going Virtual

Switching to virtual 

Delivering the same great value remotely

In February 2020, having just delivered a fantastic innovation summit in Melbourne, Australia, we could not have foreseen the impact the COVID-19 pandemic would ultimately have on global travel, business and our personal lives.

Driven by the need to find a solution that continues to enable our customers to drive innovation and deliver their business objectives. We have worked with some of our closest customers and strategic partners to develop a virtual solution that continues to deliver the same great value as our in-person events, whilst respecting some of the challenges of working remotely. 


In the week leading up to the summit, vendor presentations are made available as on-demand content through the summit microsite. Limited to 15-minutes they provide the vendors with an opportunity to present the solutions they plan to discuss in more detail in the breakout sessions. Importantly this allows attendees from the key account to view the content around their work commitments.

Virtual breakouts

Planned as interactive sessions, the breakouts provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss the vendor solutions, presented in the on-demand presentations, in more detail, discussing their need and exploring how the solutions could benefit their business.

Planned across three days, each of the teams from the key account meets 4-5 vendors per day. With each virtual session being limited to 2.5 hours to prevent virtual-meeting fatigue.


We want your feedback! After each of the breakout sessions, the key account attendees are asked to complete the post-session feedback survey on each of the vendors. This is our way of gathering all the questions, comments and actions for each vendor.

Feedback is be combined with all other responses into the Innovation Summit Feedback Report, to be shared with key account and vendors on our full package.