Delivering tailor-made Innovation & Sustainability Events

At InterPartner, we collaborate closely with some of the world's leading Consumer Goods Groups, empowering them to drive innovation and sustainability throughout their businesses. This is achieved through our meticulously crafted supplier Summits, each custom-designed to match their unique needs.

Our H2H (Human-to-Human) approach enhances these collaborations by fostering transparency and trust. By being more forthcoming with information during inquiries, both customers and suppliers can build stronger relationships and retain loyalty, even when exact requests can't be fulfilled.

We deeply understand the current and future challenges faced by our partners. Leveraging this insight, we unveil groundbreaking solutions sourced from potential suppliers within our expansive network. Unlike conventional tradeshows, our focus is on facilitating meaningful connections between suppliers and Consumer Goods Groups, accelerating their journey towards achieving their goals, often with amplified outcomes.

Choose InterPartner and experience the benefits of our H2H approach. Show your stakeholders that you value their understanding and satisfaction, while driving your business towards greater innovation and sustainability.


The alternative to an exhibition

At InterPartner, we collaborate directly with top-tier Consumer Goods Groups, delving deep into their current and future challenges. Our mission is to bridge the gap by linking them with potential supplier partners in a highly specialized manner through our bespoke Supplier Summits.

Our approach flips the script – instead of expecting the Consumer Goods Groups to seek out suppliers, we bring the suppliers right to their doorstep.

Spanning two impactful days, our summits offer an exclusive setting where typically over 45 key stakeholders from a group converge in one location, surrounded by 12-16 carefully chosen potential Supplier partners. This unique setup fosters meaningful connections and unrivalled opportunities for collaboration."



Much like exhibitions or tradeshows, InterPartner operates on a compensated model for the creation and orchestration of our Supplier Summits. Our revenue comes from the suppliers who participate in our events, utilizing their Sales & Marketing budgets.

On the other side, the Consumer Goods Groups' investment encompasses their commitment of time, travel expenses, and event amenities, including catering and networking arrangements.

In close collaboration with our supplier partners, we work closely with their sales and marketing teams to align with their priorities and preferences for partnering with specific consumer goods groups. Providing an additional strategic tool for them to enhance their customer engagement initiatives.

What our customers say


"InterPartner brought together the right suppliers. Not about selling... it is really about sharing their best practice!"

Michael Jakob

Carlsberg Group


"This was the first time the wine operations side of Constellation Brands participated in a summit like this and it won’t be our last! The InterPartner team organized a stellar lineup of companies to bring innovative solutions to our needs. "

Stephanie Edge

Constellations Brands Inc.


“InterPartner has helped us get a better position and share of the business within global key accounts such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Tsingtao and Danone. Through InterPartner we got in touch with key decision-makers that would have been quite difficult to reach on our own. Proving to be very cost-efficient we have joined more than 20 InterPartner Summits.

John Unbehaun