Our story

Our story

InterPartner was founded in 2008 to help already internationally successful companies reach new summits through innovative approaches to operational efficiency, sustainability and breakthrough technology. Hence our term Summit!

We have evolved over the years from our initial focus on the leading brewery groups into NARTD beverages, dairy, meat, food, agriculture and in recent years the wine industry. Delivering more than 50 summits with leading groups within the FMCG sector, connecting them to more than 500 potential strategic partners from our network.

At InterPartner we see that we have two sets of customers. The global FMCG groups we are partnering with in the building of an Innovation or Sustainability Summit, that helps them achieve their business goals faster and with greater results. And the strategic suppliers to the industry; with whom we are working closely to understand their solutions and match them with the needs of their potential customers. Bringing both sides together at one of our tailor-made summits, typically held over two days.

If you were to ask one of our partners today what we do; they would say we are the opposite of a tradeshow. Bringing 12-16 carefully selected suppliers to meet 35+ key stakeholders from one of the worlds leading FMCG groups in one place. Providing the opportunity for the suppliers to present their solutions, network and build strategic partnerships with their customers.

Our business model

We are compensated for our services by the suppliers that ultimately join one of our summits, through their sales & marketing budget. This is for our services in approaching the FMCG group, building the summit and qualifying their attendance at the event.

The FMCG group's investment is the time commitment of their people and for in-person summits the event facilities and catering.

For more information on our business model please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the team. 

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Meet the team

Steen Michael Knudsen

Senior Partner / Commercial Lead

Steen is the commercial lead within the business working closely with our expanding customer base. Having been with the company from the beginning, Steen brings a wealth of experience to the team.

Matt Quelch

Senior Partner / Technology Lead

Matt is the technical lead within the business working with our customers to understand their innovation needs, having spent 14+ years in the food & beverage industry working across, operations, engineering & Procurement.

Board Members

Hans Peter Hviid

Founder & Board Member

Hans Peter was the founding Partner of InterPartner, leading the team for many years. In January 2022 Hans Peter transferred to the board where he will continue to support the business with more than 50 years of experience.

Carola Puusteli 

Board Member / Strategic Advisor

Carola joined the Board in 2017 and with her global network and commitment to sustainability, she is a great addition to our team.