Our story


Founded in 2008, InterPartner ApS embarked on a journey to help propel internationally successful businesses to new pinnacles by driving Innovation & Sustainability across their operations. Thus, our moniker 'Summit' was born, embodying the aspiration we ignite.

Through the years, we have evolved, expanding from our initial focus on the leading global Brewers, to encompass diverse industries, from NARTD beverages to dairy, meat, food, agriculture, wine, and beyond.

Within InterPartner, two distinct clientele thrive: foremost, the leading global consumer goods groups we collaborate with; and secondly, the strategic suppliers to the industry. Our close synergy with the latter allows us to delve into their solutions, meticulously aligning them with the demands of potential customers. This harmonization culminates at our bespoke summits, masterfully curated and spanning two immersive days.

Our summits are a nexus of opportunity, affording suppliers the opportunity to present their solutions, cultivate connections, and nurture strategic alliances with their clients, all within an efficient framework.

For an in-depth exploration of how our expertise can elevate your business, we invite you to contact our dedicated team today.

Meet the team behind

Steen Michael Knudsen

Meet Steen, the driving force on the commercial front within our organization. As a founding partner, Steen's profound experience enriches our team. His unwavering commitment extends to our ever-growing customer base, forging strong connections and propelling our business forward.

Steen Michael Knudsen

Sr. Partner & Commercial Lead

Matt Quelcj

Matt Quelch

Sr. Partner & Technology Lead

Introducing Matt, our esteemed technical lead. With over 19 years of experience within the food and beverage industry, he has navigated various regional and global roles spanning operations, engineering, and procurement. Matt is dedicated to working closely with our customers, deciphering their intricate innovation needs.