Steen Michael Knudsen

Steen Michael Knudsen

Director & Senior Partner

Steen joined the company in 2003 after having finished his MSc in International Business from Aarhus University. In the following 5 years, Steen worked as a management consultant primarily within the renewable energy sector and the brewery business in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and the U.S.

In 2008, Steen became a Partner of the company and continued our collaborative work on developing and launching new projects with global key accounts, especially abroad and primarily in the FMCG segment. Steen’s primary objectives are identifying and connecting with the most interesting key customers on behalf of clients creating InterPartner summits that can help canalize those new ideas from bright minds to key executives from the world-leading FMCG companies. Making collaboration agreements with leading companies all over the world and creating valuable meetings between companies to increase their success rate is what really drives his motivation.

Steen is today the commercial lead of InterPartner and is looking forward to growing our business with the IP team and our long-loyal and vastly expanding customer base for many years to come.

Having now updated his former picture from 2003, we are happy to show he has aged with grace.

Steen lives in Aarhus, Denmark with his wife Louise and 3 children.

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