Business Consulting

Business Consulting

“How do we increase our market share in China, reaching business revenues of €300 Mio within 3 years, while still maintaining our minimum profit rate of 10%?”

Sometimes a key client will come to us with a specific challenge, like this one, which calls for another strategic approach:

  • Problem definition. First we define the basic question to be resolved and the overall objectives including success criteria.

  • Plan. Then we define the perspective and context of the key client’s challenge and identify the stakeholders and influencers.

  • Discovery. We carry out a series of top-level interviews with existing or potential customers of our client, in order to position our client company in relation to major competitors.

  • Strategy. Together with our client we evaluate the findings and pinpoint areas for improvement in services, products and people.

  • Implementation. We translate the strategy into an operational plan for focused marketing, including training the client teams for meeting the market challenges.

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