Strategic Vendors

Driving Business to Business value creation

Attending one of our tailor-made supplier summits brings significant value from both new and existing customers. Our proven format with vendor presentations in the morning followed by breakout sessions in the afternoon gives you the opportunity to introduce your business to 35+ key business leaders from one of the world's leading Consumer Goods Groups. Providing you with the unique opportunity to introduce your business in small groups and importantly learn what are their needs and discuss how you can help them achieve their goals!

At InterPartner we believe in total VALUE, going beyond just the economic benefits.... Attending one of our Summits, brings efficencies in meeting a large number of key decison makers in one place, saving time and travel expense. It gives you the opportunity to grow relationship within the leading FMCG Groups, expanding your network and demonstrating your commitment.

“Over the years InterPartner has helped us get a better position and 'share of business' within global key accounts such as, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Tsingtao and Danone. Through InterPartner's unique Key Account Concept we got in touch with key decision makers that would have been quite difficult reaching on our own. Proving to be very cost-efficient we have joined more than 15 Supplier Summits organized by InterPartner”

John Unbehaun

Global F&B Director

They Trust Us!

Enhanced B2B Value Creation -

Going beyond the dollars!


Share your vision of how you can partner with the leading FMCG Companies

Network Expansion

Grow your network within the globe's leading Corporations

Time Saving

Meet 35+ key business decision makers from across the group in one place


Demonstrate commitment to your customers by helping them achieve their business goals.

Reputational Assurance

Enhance your company's reputation by being one of the vendors at the table.



Demonstrate the competency of your team and how it is helping its partners achieve success.

For more information on enhanced B2B value creation and how it can benefit your business please contact us.